Monday, February 24, 2014

WhatsApp Promises Free Phones Save Bandwidth

CEO WhatsApp , Jan. Koum at Mobile World Congress in his presentation on Monday ( 02/24/2014 ) says that the instant messaging service will deliver voice services . The step was taken to compete with messaginglain services .
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 Currently , other messaging services such as BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) , Line , and Skype has provided a voice in their instant messaging applications . Therefore , WhatsApp feel the need to provide similar services to attract users .

According Koum , as quoted from Cnet ( 02/24/2014 ) , free phone features in WhatsApp is planned to be rolled in the second quarter of 2014.

" We want that people can remain connected with their friends and favorite people at a low cost , " said Koum . "Therefore, we will bring in the voice messaging service WhatsApp , two quarters of this year , " he added .

So what differentiated voice services to be offered WhatsApp ? Koum replied that WhatsApp will offer a bandwidth as small as possible to deliver the voice data . " Our focus is on simplicity , " said Koum .

The Voice WhatsApp service will first be introduced in the Android and iPhone platforms . After that , the new will be brought to the platform Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones .

By launching voice services , it is considered WhatsApp will increasingly threaten the existence of the mobile operator . Technology research firm , Ovum , detailing predicted that global operators lose 23 billion dollars in the SMS business in late 2012 , as users now prefer instant messaging services .

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 After SMS , voice communication now will also be threatened , the article in the voice messaging applications will replace the phone . Voice data can now be streamed over the internet , no longer through the operator's frequency band .