Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mileage Renggo molesters Way Mediation

Case law SY ( 13 ) , elementary school students who molest younger class , Renggo ( 11 ) , will take the mediation .

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Commissioner Rikwanto said the mediation process led by child protection agencies such as the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) or the National Commission for Child Protection ( Komnas PA ) .

" Mediation against the perpetrators and the victims will be done while the police prepare a case file . Formal mediation led by the National Commission on Children or KPAI , " he said at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .
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This step was taken with the reason actors are still under the protection of the Child Protection Act . Therefore , the relevant conduct beyond the completion of the trial . It 's called diversion efforts .

Rikwanto said the diversion of effort to avoid negative effects on the lives and development of children when faced with criminal justice . In mediation later , he added , would also agreed transitional criminal street .

There are several options , for example, is returned to the parents , medical or psychosocial rehabilitation to be submitted to the state or form of service to the community .

" When rehabilitation by the state does not want to accept it could be returned to parents or the community , " he explained .

SY is the sixth grade students of SDN 09 Morning Napier . He allegedly molest Renggo while in school . Persecution allegedly stems from the Renggo snacks SY nudge to fall .

Feeling is not received, SY Renggo was beating on the face and whole body . After the incident , Renggo not go to school and received treatment at the Police Hospital , Kramat Jati , East Jakarta . On Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) , Renggo last breath .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Antam Gold Price Rp 532 000 Fixed Today Per Gram

The price of gold bullion certified in Precious Metals owned by PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) Tbk today, Monday (05/26/2014), aka stagnant equal to the price last weekend.

Fractions of 1 gram gold price as quoted on the website Antam Precious Metals is USD 532 000.

That number does not change when compared prices on Friday (05/23/2014),
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The average price of a gram of gold for a fraction of 500 grams priced at Rp 492,600 per gram.

Meanwhile, the price of gold repurchase (buyback) by the Antam Rp 472,000. The figure also does not change when compared previous price.

Here Antam's gold bullion prices in other denominations:
1 gram: 532 000 USD
5 grams: Rp 2.515 million
10 grams: Rp 4,980,000
25 grams: Rp 12.375 million
50 grams: USD 24.7 million
100 grams: USD 49.35 million
250 grams: USD 123 250 000
500 grams: USD 246.3 million


Friday, May 23, 2014

Manage external debt, state and private Requested More Carefully

Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo said, if the view of the economic problems that occurred in the country, of course there are the two most influential today. That fall of financial markets and foreign debt (ULN) domestic corporations increased sharply.

"BI see if there is 100 trillion of budget cuts, the economic growth in Indonesia is still in the range of 5.1 to 5.5%. So it has been calculated in the range of BI. Inflation also leads to the target in 2014. While associated with the debt, it should be watch out for the debt of corporations, both private and state-owned enterprises which tend to increase, "he said when met at BI, Friday (05/23/2014).
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According to him, the central bank saw many corporate external debt borrowed in the form of currency. However, revenues in the form of dollars. Some corporations, including state-owned enterprises are likely to suffer huge losses.

"Last year experienced a profit of Rp 3 trillion, continues to be a loss of Rp29 trillion. Which was still a loss of Rp300 billion, Rp700 billion so another loss," he said.

He explains, BI has been requested since last year to conduct hedging. Regulations have been issued, but relatively not implemented by companies including state-owned enterprises.

"And if if the companies had profit after big loss, can not just say because of changes in the exchange rate," he said.

The company should be able to anticipate the situation and should know that there are foreign exchange risk, interest rate, liquidity and other.

"I want to remind you to state-owned companies, which is a big risk to the state it directly. Due to state-owned company is already a public company. Was still a role of non-governmental stake., But if the state-owned company 100% owned by the government or state, a direct risk to the state," he said .

Therefore, said Agus, the government needs to pay attention. In particular the minister and the government in general. Because of the impact can be directly to the state.

"If we see an institution, we expect to increase the value of the institution. Increase if new companies, all of a sudden there was a big loss for something that is not necessary, the management must be improved. Companies can not be allowed to enter the high-risk conditions," he added.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wisnu Tjandra Communication Tool Brings the Not Normal

Wisnu Tjandra ( 51 ) , Artha Graha officials lost contact with the family and co-workers since more than 10 days later , is known not bring his personal objects .

"The question does not bring anything . Bring only the clothes he is in her .
There are communication tools that are not normally as he carries a mobile phone with an unknown number , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto , Thursday ( 22/5 / 2014 ) .

Rikwanto added , other than that , Vishnu also carry a small bag that is not known what the contents in it .
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Meanwhile , ex- husband search investigations artist Peggy Melati Sukma it has been done by examining nine witnesses , among other families , the driver , and Vishnu office colleagues .
" It could be there again next Wisnu Tjandra colleagues examined , " he added .

Wisnu Tjandra last communication with family and co-workers since May 11, 2014 .
Search by Sub Directorate of Crime and Violence ( Jatanras ) Jakarta Police show , before contact is lost , Vishnu towards some places .

Among them , in his office at SCBD Sudirman , ATM booth in Sudirman , Hotel Mulia Senayan , Gambir area , ending up at Sarinah .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ready to Pull the Russian Border Troops of Ukraine

Russian troops , which President Vladimir Putin ordered back to their bases near the border of Ukraine , prepared a departure on Tuesday , the defense ministry said .

" The commander in the area of training and explain the path for troop movement plans to leave the area , " Interfax quoted the ministry source .

"People have started to dismantle their tents , unload equipment and form rows of vehicles and armor , " the ministry said .

Putin on Monday announced that the troops , which is estimated to number 40,000 NATO officer , who will return to the base after the end of spring training .
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Their presence has increased its deep concern in the West after Moscow annexed the Crimea in March and rebellion broke out in eastern Ukraine on the pro - Western authorities who took power after the February ouster of the Kremlin -backed government .

The withdrawal could ease tensions ahead of Ukraine's presidential election Sunday, but both Washington and NATO - who recorded the third time Moscow has made ​​such a claim - say they do not see any signs of its withdrawal .

According to Interfax , the Russian defense minister has ordered the troops back to their bases after military exercises near the border with Ukraine , to meet the orders of President Vladimir Putin .

The Kremlin announced Monday that Putin has ordered Russian troops near Ukraine return to their bases , but NATO and the United States say they do not see any signs of withdrawal . Moscow does not implement such promises before.

The defense ministry said troops , military training involved in the Rostov region , Belgorod and Bryansk ordered to retreat , the report said .

A defense ministry spokesman declined to comment on the developments .

Moscow to hold tens of thousands of troops near the border areas where separatists have announced independent countries , and Kiev and its Western allies worry that they can be used to support the rebel invasion , according to AFP .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Yogya Students Develop Applications for Google Glass

Local developers do not want to miss make application for the Google Glass . Earlier this month , a team of Computer Science students of Gadjah Mada University ( UGM ) announced the development of an application called Quick Disaster intended for devices such smart eyeglasses .

Quick Disaster is an application that deliver information about the disaster mitigation efforts in the form of audio-visual via Google Glass .

Remarks on the GMU website explains that the disaster include volcanic eruptions , landslides , tornadoes , earthquakes , volcanic ash rain , floods , fires , and tsunamis .
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Gadjah Mada University
Illustration of the use of Quick Disaster in Google Glass
By utilizing Google Glass installed in the user 's head , the Quick Disaster can distribute information faster and with much more compact than using mobile gadgets .

Quick Disaster was expected to help communities prepare for disasters when the incident took place .

" We think these digital devices will someday be attached to the human body as well as technology -hour later with a smart or clever bracelet , " said Daniel Oscar Baskoro , one member of the research team Quick Disaster .

For now Quick Disaster is still in the research and development phase to enhance a number of existing features . This application is scheduled to be presented at international conferences in Europe and America in the near future .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Japan Bans Sale of Incest Themed Comics

The Japanese government on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , prohibits the sale of comics that contain incest theme or scene in it , for the kids .

Little Sisters Paradise Comics ! Published 2 months ago will be included in the category of " unhealthy publication " that should be kept away from children .

Comic which is the development of an adult computer game of the same name is already visible " naughty " . On the cover was written : " The days are over naughty for a brother and five sisters " .

" An expert panel of the Tokyo metropolitan government has reached a decision that ( this comic ) meet the criteria . We immediately publicize this decision officially on Friday , " said an official youth affairs .
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This decision only applies to shops selling comic in Japan 's capital city , but does not prohibit stores that " hoard" these comics .

Therefore , the comics can be easily obtained by citizens at least 18 years , in part books for adult readers .

Three years ago, the Tokyo government also tightened regulations and prohibits children from buying books or comics containing sexual elements .

Little Sister Paradise ! 2 is the first comic cover affected regulatory prohibitions or text promoting incest .

Kadokawa , one of the big Japanese publishers are producing this comic , did not leave a comment related restrictions apply.

Habits related to the ownership of Japanese sexual material often provoked criticism . In Japan , having objects of pornography , including child pornography , does not break the law .

A person shall be considered unlawful if creating and disseminating pornographic materials to the public , especially children .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Cooperate with cooperatives, J Gold Production Resources Ready Gorontalo

PT J Resources Asia Pacific Tbk through its subsidiary PT Peak Gold Gorontalo ( PEG ) is ready to produce gold from mines in Mount Pani , Gorontalo . In carrying out these operations , J Resources also took the Village Unit Cooperatives ( KUD ) Dharma Farmers Marisa Pohuwato , Gorontalo province .

Director of PEG Edi Permadi said processing project in Mount Pani gold mine covers an area of ​​7,385 hectares of land owned by PT Gorontalo Sejahtera Mining ( GSM ) and 100 hectares cooperation with KUD Tani Marisa Dharma . According to Edi , the project feasibility study has been approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) .
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" Currently, we are in the process of drafting a document analyst environmental impact , " said Edi through release received by Reuters on Friday ( 2/5 ) .

Eddie continued , PEG forms of cooperation with Dharma KUD Tani Marisa include exploration , feasibility studies , construction , production, transportation , sale , processing , and refining of minerals in the mining permit area ( WIUP ) KUD Tani Marisa Dharma in Mount Pani . With the cooperation, KUD Tani Marisa Dharma as the sole license holder of the mining license ( IUP ) gold metallic minerals give permission to PEG to explore the land that is located in Mount Pani , Hulawa Village , District Buntulia , Pohuwato .

Edi said , cooperation is a concrete step to support cooperatives jointly PEG increases the welfare of the surrounding community as well as to optimize the mining of natural resources . He also hoped the cooperation could encourage rotation of the wheel , and the opening of the economy and jobs or improving the welfare of local communities .

Currently , J Resources 've had mine at four locations , namely at the Site Seruyung , Nunukan , North Borneo , mines in South Mongondow Bolaang Bakan and Bolaang Mongondow , North Sulawesi , gold mines in Lanut , Mongondow Bolaang East , North Sulawesi , and gold mine in Kuala Lipis , Malaysia .

In 2014 , total gold production from the mine is expected to reach four thousand ounces , an increase of 210 from the year 2013 which amounted to 66.9 thousand ounces . " For 2015, we focused on the development of Mount Pani , so the total expected 2016 production A Resources can penetrate 300 thousand ns , equivalent to nine tons of gold , " said Edi .

Chairman of the Drafting Team Dharma KUD Tani Marisa Buluati Rachmad said cooperation is the result of a decision by PEG annual meeting of members ( RAT ) as the supreme power of the cooperative .

" We chose to partner with PEG as more committed than the One Asia ( Resources Limited ) who previously had cooperated with the Dharma KUD Tani , " said Rachmad . According to Rachmat , PEG commitment is characterized by the provision of Rp 10 billion loans to cooperatives for land mines not yet in production .


Revealed , Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids Development

Viewing the building enormous pyramids of Egypt invited wondering how the ancient Egyptians build the building . Occurred it took a very long and complicated technology .

Researcher University of Amsterdam , The Netherlands , uncover the riddle . Apparently, the ancient Egyptians rely on simple key , wet sand , in order to transport the blocks of stone sculptures and large to pass through the vast desert .

As reported by the Daily Mail , Friday, May 2, 2014 , we expect strong to transport the statue and the stone blocks , utilizing the Egyptian society sled with sand in front of the train that soaking wet. This method is seen to facilitate transport of the load .
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To test this theory , researchers in the laboratory to demonstrate the scheme . Experiments show moisture transporting sand determines success . For proper humidity can share the power draw required .

To put the water in the sand , researchers consider the pull strength and stiffness of sand .

Now , researchers are using the rheometer to determine the stiffness of the sand . This measurement to indicate how much power is needed to tame the volume of sand .

The experimental results show that the pull force required decreases proportional to the stiffness of sand .

" The presence of the proper amount of water , wet desert is about twice as strong as dry sand , " said the research team .

The scheme facilitates the use of water in the sand toboggan run , considering there is no pile of sand that inhibits as in the case of dry sand .

This theory is strengthened by researchers paintings on tomb walls Djehutihotep , which describes the transport of tricks sculpture and large stone blocks . Painting exactly such an experiment conducted by researchers .

" Painting a wall in the tomb Djehutihotep clearly shows someone standing in front of the sled is pulled and poured water on the sand that was in front of the train , " said the researcher . ( umi )