Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Japan Bans Sale of Incest Themed Comics

The Japanese government on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , prohibits the sale of comics that contain incest theme or scene in it , for the kids .

Little Sisters Paradise Comics ! Published 2 months ago will be included in the category of " unhealthy publication " that should be kept away from children .

Comic which is the development of an adult computer game of the same name is already visible " naughty " . On the cover was written : " The days are over naughty for a brother and five sisters " .

" An expert panel of the Tokyo metropolitan government has reached a decision that ( this comic ) meet the criteria . We immediately publicize this decision officially on Friday , " said an official youth affairs .
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This decision only applies to shops selling comic in Japan 's capital city , but does not prohibit stores that " hoard" these comics .

Therefore , the comics can be easily obtained by citizens at least 18 years , in part books for adult readers .

Three years ago, the Tokyo government also tightened regulations and prohibits children from buying books or comics containing sexual elements .

Little Sister Paradise ! 2 is the first comic cover affected regulatory prohibitions or text promoting incest .

Kadokawa , one of the big Japanese publishers are producing this comic , did not leave a comment related restrictions apply.

Habits related to the ownership of Japanese sexual material often provoked criticism . In Japan , having objects of pornography , including child pornography , does not break the law .

A person shall be considered unlawful if creating and disseminating pornographic materials to the public , especially children .


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