Friday, May 23, 2014

Manage external debt, state and private Requested More Carefully

Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo said, if the view of the economic problems that occurred in the country, of course there are the two most influential today. That fall of financial markets and foreign debt (ULN) domestic corporations increased sharply.

"BI see if there is 100 trillion of budget cuts, the economic growth in Indonesia is still in the range of 5.1 to 5.5%. So it has been calculated in the range of BI. Inflation also leads to the target in 2014. While associated with the debt, it should be watch out for the debt of corporations, both private and state-owned enterprises which tend to increase, "he said when met at BI, Friday (05/23/2014).
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According to him, the central bank saw many corporate external debt borrowed in the form of currency. However, revenues in the form of dollars. Some corporations, including state-owned enterprises are likely to suffer huge losses.

"Last year experienced a profit of Rp 3 trillion, continues to be a loss of Rp29 trillion. Which was still a loss of Rp300 billion, Rp700 billion so another loss," he said.

He explains, BI has been requested since last year to conduct hedging. Regulations have been issued, but relatively not implemented by companies including state-owned enterprises.

"And if if the companies had profit after big loss, can not just say because of changes in the exchange rate," he said.

The company should be able to anticipate the situation and should know that there are foreign exchange risk, interest rate, liquidity and other.

"I want to remind you to state-owned companies, which is a big risk to the state it directly. Due to state-owned company is already a public company. Was still a role of non-governmental stake., But if the state-owned company 100% owned by the government or state, a direct risk to the state," he said .

Therefore, said Agus, the government needs to pay attention. In particular the minister and the government in general. Because of the impact can be directly to the state.

"If we see an institution, we expect to increase the value of the institution. Increase if new companies, all of a sudden there was a big loss for something that is not necessary, the management must be improved. Companies can not be allowed to enter the high-risk conditions," he added.


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