Sunday, May 25, 2014

Antam Gold Price Rp 532 000 Fixed Today Per Gram

The price of gold bullion certified in Precious Metals owned by PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) Tbk today, Monday (05/26/2014), aka stagnant equal to the price last weekend.

Fractions of 1 gram gold price as quoted on the website Antam Precious Metals is USD 532 000.

That number does not change when compared prices on Friday (05/23/2014),
( Read: sangkar burung jepara )

The average price of a gram of gold for a fraction of 500 grams priced at Rp 492,600 per gram.

Meanwhile, the price of gold repurchase (buyback) by the Antam Rp 472,000. The figure also does not change when compared previous price.

Here Antam's gold bullion prices in other denominations:
1 gram: 532 000 USD
5 grams: Rp 2.515 million
10 grams: Rp 4,980,000
25 grams: Rp 12.375 million
50 grams: USD 24.7 million
100 grams: USD 49.35 million
250 grams: USD 123 250 000
500 grams: USD 246.3 million


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