Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enrich Kaveri AMD Notebook Features

AMD has revealed the processor technology for mobile PCs or notebooks latest , Kaveri APU . Kaveri sophistication allows the emergence of innovations or new features on a mobile PC .

This feature , among others, as well as Motion Gesture Face Login . Utilizing the webcam on the notebook , the device will be able to read finger movements to perform tasks such as moving the mouse cursor , click , change the volume and mute .( Read: Pengecoran Aluminium )

While the Face Login feature is one of AMD's support for the security of mobile PCs . There is the level of security . If the security level is low, then the notebook can be opened by placing a photo of the smartphone user's face in front of the webcam .

At high security level , Face Login recognizes the user's face to be genuine in front of the webcam . Distance required for the Face Login approximately 1 meter , while Motion Gesture , according to Peter Amos , Public Relations Manager of AMD's Austin , this feature the user can read the finger to a distance of 10 feet or 4 meters .

Ravi Gananathan , Product Management - Mobile Graphics AMD said , Kaveri could combine AMD GPU and APU . Some technologies like AMD Eyefinity , True Audio , GCN , Mantle , Crossfire and others enhance the entertainment experience for PC users .

" A lot of the performance that can be given . So, it can be used by developers to provide quality graphics capable , " Ravi said in Taipei on Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ) .
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AMD also provides the latest variant grafia card for PC gamers . This graphics card ranging from R5 models M250 Series with GCN technology , 28nm and 64 - bit up to R9 M290 with GCN technology , 28nm and 256 - bit .

Some vendors are using AMD APU technology include Lenovo , Acer , Asus , Toshiba , MSI , Dell , Samsung , HP and Gigabyte .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mileage Renggo molesters Way Mediation

Case law SY ( 13 ) , elementary school students who molest younger class , Renggo ( 11 ) , will take the mediation .

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Commissioner Rikwanto said the mediation process led by child protection agencies such as the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) or the National Commission for Child Protection ( Komnas PA ) .

" Mediation against the perpetrators and the victims will be done while the police prepare a case file . Formal mediation led by the National Commission on Children or KPAI , " he said at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters , Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .
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This step was taken with the reason actors are still under the protection of the Child Protection Act . Therefore , the relevant conduct beyond the completion of the trial . It 's called diversion efforts .

Rikwanto said the diversion of effort to avoid negative effects on the lives and development of children when faced with criminal justice . In mediation later , he added , would also agreed transitional criminal street .

There are several options , for example, is returned to the parents , medical or psychosocial rehabilitation to be submitted to the state or form of service to the community .

" When rehabilitation by the state does not want to accept it could be returned to parents or the community , " he explained .

SY is the sixth grade students of SDN 09 Morning Napier . He allegedly molest Renggo while in school . Persecution allegedly stems from the Renggo snacks SY nudge to fall .

Feeling is not received, SY Renggo was beating on the face and whole body . After the incident , Renggo not go to school and received treatment at the Police Hospital , Kramat Jati , East Jakarta . On Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) , Renggo last breath .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Antam Gold Price Rp 532 000 Fixed Today Per Gram

The price of gold bullion certified in Precious Metals owned by PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) Tbk today, Monday (05/26/2014), aka stagnant equal to the price last weekend.

Fractions of 1 gram gold price as quoted on the website Antam Precious Metals is USD 532 000.

That number does not change when compared prices on Friday (05/23/2014),
( Read: sangkar burung jepara )

The average price of a gram of gold for a fraction of 500 grams priced at Rp 492,600 per gram.

Meanwhile, the price of gold repurchase (buyback) by the Antam Rp 472,000. The figure also does not change when compared previous price.

Here Antam's gold bullion prices in other denominations:
1 gram: 532 000 USD
5 grams: Rp 2.515 million
10 grams: Rp 4,980,000
25 grams: Rp 12.375 million
50 grams: USD 24.7 million
100 grams: USD 49.35 million
250 grams: USD 123 250 000
500 grams: USD 246.3 million


Friday, May 23, 2014

Manage external debt, state and private Requested More Carefully

Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo said, if the view of the economic problems that occurred in the country, of course there are the two most influential today. That fall of financial markets and foreign debt (ULN) domestic corporations increased sharply.

"BI see if there is 100 trillion of budget cuts, the economic growth in Indonesia is still in the range of 5.1 to 5.5%. So it has been calculated in the range of BI. Inflation also leads to the target in 2014. While associated with the debt, it should be watch out for the debt of corporations, both private and state-owned enterprises which tend to increase, "he said when met at BI, Friday (05/23/2014).
( Read: kroto super )

According to him, the central bank saw many corporate external debt borrowed in the form of currency. However, revenues in the form of dollars. Some corporations, including state-owned enterprises are likely to suffer huge losses.

"Last year experienced a profit of Rp 3 trillion, continues to be a loss of Rp29 trillion. Which was still a loss of Rp300 billion, Rp700 billion so another loss," he said.

He explains, BI has been requested since last year to conduct hedging. Regulations have been issued, but relatively not implemented by companies including state-owned enterprises.

"And if if the companies had profit after big loss, can not just say because of changes in the exchange rate," he said.

The company should be able to anticipate the situation and should know that there are foreign exchange risk, interest rate, liquidity and other.

"I want to remind you to state-owned companies, which is a big risk to the state it directly. Due to state-owned company is already a public company. Was still a role of non-governmental stake., But if the state-owned company 100% owned by the government or state, a direct risk to the state," he said .

Therefore, said Agus, the government needs to pay attention. In particular the minister and the government in general. Because of the impact can be directly to the state.

"If we see an institution, we expect to increase the value of the institution. Increase if new companies, all of a sudden there was a big loss for something that is not necessary, the management must be improved. Companies can not be allowed to enter the high-risk conditions," he added.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wisnu Tjandra Communication Tool Brings the Not Normal

Wisnu Tjandra ( 51 ) , Artha Graha officials lost contact with the family and co-workers since more than 10 days later , is known not bring his personal objects .

"The question does not bring anything . Bring only the clothes he is in her .
There are communication tools that are not normally as he carries a mobile phone with an unknown number , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto , Thursday ( 22/5 / 2014 ) .

Rikwanto added , other than that , Vishnu also carry a small bag that is not known what the contents in it .
( read: kenari yorkshire jantan )

Meanwhile , ex- husband search investigations artist Peggy Melati Sukma it has been done by examining nine witnesses , among other families , the driver , and Vishnu office colleagues .
" It could be there again next Wisnu Tjandra colleagues examined , " he added .

Wisnu Tjandra last communication with family and co-workers since May 11, 2014 .
Search by Sub Directorate of Crime and Violence ( Jatanras ) Jakarta Police show , before contact is lost , Vishnu towards some places .

Among them , in his office at SCBD Sudirman , ATM booth in Sudirman , Hotel Mulia Senayan , Gambir area , ending up at Sarinah .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ready to Pull the Russian Border Troops of Ukraine

Russian troops , which President Vladimir Putin ordered back to their bases near the border of Ukraine , prepared a departure on Tuesday , the defense ministry said .

" The commander in the area of training and explain the path for troop movement plans to leave the area , " Interfax quoted the ministry source .

"People have started to dismantle their tents , unload equipment and form rows of vehicles and armor , " the ministry said .

Putin on Monday announced that the troops , which is estimated to number 40,000 NATO officer , who will return to the base after the end of spring training .
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Their presence has increased its deep concern in the West after Moscow annexed the Crimea in March and rebellion broke out in eastern Ukraine on the pro - Western authorities who took power after the February ouster of the Kremlin -backed government .

The withdrawal could ease tensions ahead of Ukraine's presidential election Sunday, but both Washington and NATO - who recorded the third time Moscow has made ​​such a claim - say they do not see any signs of its withdrawal .

According to Interfax , the Russian defense minister has ordered the troops back to their bases after military exercises near the border with Ukraine , to meet the orders of President Vladimir Putin .

The Kremlin announced Monday that Putin has ordered Russian troops near Ukraine return to their bases , but NATO and the United States say they do not see any signs of withdrawal . Moscow does not implement such promises before.

The defense ministry said troops , military training involved in the Rostov region , Belgorod and Bryansk ordered to retreat , the report said .

A defense ministry spokesman declined to comment on the developments .

Moscow to hold tens of thousands of troops near the border areas where separatists have announced independent countries , and Kiev and its Western allies worry that they can be used to support the rebel invasion , according to AFP .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Yogya Students Develop Applications for Google Glass

Local developers do not want to miss make application for the Google Glass . Earlier this month , a team of Computer Science students of Gadjah Mada University ( UGM ) announced the development of an application called Quick Disaster intended for devices such smart eyeglasses .

Quick Disaster is an application that deliver information about the disaster mitigation efforts in the form of audio-visual via Google Glass .

Remarks on the GMU website explains that the disaster include volcanic eruptions , landslides , tornadoes , earthquakes , volcanic ash rain , floods , fires , and tsunamis .
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Gadjah Mada University
Illustration of the use of Quick Disaster in Google Glass
By utilizing Google Glass installed in the user 's head , the Quick Disaster can distribute information faster and with much more compact than using mobile gadgets .

Quick Disaster was expected to help communities prepare for disasters when the incident took place .

" We think these digital devices will someday be attached to the human body as well as technology -hour later with a smart or clever bracelet , " said Daniel Oscar Baskoro , one member of the research team Quick Disaster .

For now Quick Disaster is still in the research and development phase to enhance a number of existing features . This application is scheduled to be presented at international conferences in Europe and America in the near future .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Japan Bans Sale of Incest Themed Comics

The Japanese government on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , prohibits the sale of comics that contain incest theme or scene in it , for the kids .

Little Sisters Paradise Comics ! Published 2 months ago will be included in the category of " unhealthy publication " that should be kept away from children .

Comic which is the development of an adult computer game of the same name is already visible " naughty " . On the cover was written : " The days are over naughty for a brother and five sisters " .

" An expert panel of the Tokyo metropolitan government has reached a decision that ( this comic ) meet the criteria . We immediately publicize this decision officially on Friday , " said an official youth affairs .
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This decision only applies to shops selling comic in Japan 's capital city , but does not prohibit stores that " hoard" these comics .

Therefore , the comics can be easily obtained by citizens at least 18 years , in part books for adult readers .

Three years ago, the Tokyo government also tightened regulations and prohibits children from buying books or comics containing sexual elements .

Little Sister Paradise ! 2 is the first comic cover affected regulatory prohibitions or text promoting incest .

Kadokawa , one of the big Japanese publishers are producing this comic , did not leave a comment related restrictions apply.

Habits related to the ownership of Japanese sexual material often provoked criticism . In Japan , having objects of pornography , including child pornography , does not break the law .

A person shall be considered unlawful if creating and disseminating pornographic materials to the public , especially children .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Cooperate with cooperatives, J Gold Production Resources Ready Gorontalo

PT J Resources Asia Pacific Tbk through its subsidiary PT Peak Gold Gorontalo ( PEG ) is ready to produce gold from mines in Mount Pani , Gorontalo . In carrying out these operations , J Resources also took the Village Unit Cooperatives ( KUD ) Dharma Farmers Marisa Pohuwato , Gorontalo province .

Director of PEG Edi Permadi said processing project in Mount Pani gold mine covers an area of ​​7,385 hectares of land owned by PT Gorontalo Sejahtera Mining ( GSM ) and 100 hectares cooperation with KUD Tani Marisa Dharma . According to Edi , the project feasibility study has been approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) .
( Read: harga burung ciblek )

" Currently, we are in the process of drafting a document analyst environmental impact , " said Edi through release received by Reuters on Friday ( 2/5 ) .

Eddie continued , PEG forms of cooperation with Dharma KUD Tani Marisa include exploration , feasibility studies , construction , production, transportation , sale , processing , and refining of minerals in the mining permit area ( WIUP ) KUD Tani Marisa Dharma in Mount Pani . With the cooperation, KUD Tani Marisa Dharma as the sole license holder of the mining license ( IUP ) gold metallic minerals give permission to PEG to explore the land that is located in Mount Pani , Hulawa Village , District Buntulia , Pohuwato .

Edi said , cooperation is a concrete step to support cooperatives jointly PEG increases the welfare of the surrounding community as well as to optimize the mining of natural resources . He also hoped the cooperation could encourage rotation of the wheel , and the opening of the economy and jobs or improving the welfare of local communities .

Currently , J Resources 've had mine at four locations , namely at the Site Seruyung , Nunukan , North Borneo , mines in South Mongondow Bolaang Bakan and Bolaang Mongondow , North Sulawesi , gold mines in Lanut , Mongondow Bolaang East , North Sulawesi , and gold mine in Kuala Lipis , Malaysia .

In 2014 , total gold production from the mine is expected to reach four thousand ounces , an increase of 210 from the year 2013 which amounted to 66.9 thousand ounces . " For 2015, we focused on the development of Mount Pani , so the total expected 2016 production A Resources can penetrate 300 thousand ns , equivalent to nine tons of gold , " said Edi .

Chairman of the Drafting Team Dharma KUD Tani Marisa Buluati Rachmad said cooperation is the result of a decision by PEG annual meeting of members ( RAT ) as the supreme power of the cooperative .

" We chose to partner with PEG as more committed than the One Asia ( Resources Limited ) who previously had cooperated with the Dharma KUD Tani , " said Rachmad . According to Rachmat , PEG commitment is characterized by the provision of Rp 10 billion loans to cooperatives for land mines not yet in production .


Revealed , Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids Development

Viewing the building enormous pyramids of Egypt invited wondering how the ancient Egyptians build the building . Occurred it took a very long and complicated technology .

Researcher University of Amsterdam , The Netherlands , uncover the riddle . Apparently, the ancient Egyptians rely on simple key , wet sand , in order to transport the blocks of stone sculptures and large to pass through the vast desert .

As reported by the Daily Mail , Friday, May 2, 2014 , we expect strong to transport the statue and the stone blocks , utilizing the Egyptian society sled with sand in front of the train that soaking wet. This method is seen to facilitate transport of the load .
( Read:harga burung parkit )

To test this theory , researchers in the laboratory to demonstrate the scheme . Experiments show moisture transporting sand determines success . For proper humidity can share the power draw required .

To put the water in the sand , researchers consider the pull strength and stiffness of sand .

Now , researchers are using the rheometer to determine the stiffness of the sand . This measurement to indicate how much power is needed to tame the volume of sand .

The experimental results show that the pull force required decreases proportional to the stiffness of sand .

" The presence of the proper amount of water , wet desert is about twice as strong as dry sand , " said the research team .

The scheme facilitates the use of water in the sand toboggan run , considering there is no pile of sand that inhibits as in the case of dry sand .

This theory is strengthened by researchers paintings on tomb walls Djehutihotep , which describes the transport of tricks sculpture and large stone blocks . Painting exactly such an experiment conducted by researchers .

" Painting a wall in the tomb Djehutihotep clearly shows someone standing in front of the sled is pulled and poured water on the sand that was in front of the train , " said the researcher . ( umi )


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This How To Resolve Disputes Japan South China Sea

Conflict South China Sea territorial dispute unabated between Japan , China , and the Philippines . In order to " pacify" the region , Japan also took the United States ( U.S. ) to resolve the maritime .

" The U.S. and Japan fully supports the use of diplomatic and legal means , including international arbitration , to resolve perselilihan maritime issues in the South China Sea , " said Deputy Director General of the Japanese Foreign Ministry 's Foreign Policy , Takio Yamada , in Jakarta , Tuesday, April 29, 2014 night .

Recognized Yamada , along with the U.S. , Japan share a " concern " strong action against some who have raised tensions in the East China Sea and South China Sea , such a declaration has been coordinated from the air defense identification through intimidation , coercion , and force .

" Both countries oppose any action that asserts territorial or claiming territory against the increasing tension , " he added . ( Read: cara membuat email baru )

Japan and the Philippines are the countries which are the largest U.S. allies in the Asia -Pacific . Together with China , both countries involved issues of mutual territorial claims .

Japan fight over the Senkaku Islands with China and disturbed by the application of China's air defense zone in the East China Sea . Meanwhile, the Philippines , competing with China-related claims South China Sea region .

United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS ) states of the country can only claim the islands and reefs . But the state can not claim an ocean as his own . This should be understood by the Chinese .

Historical factors underlying China's claim to the South China Sea is not recognized in UNCLOS . China alone is known to have ratified UNCLOS . This makes the Bamboo Curtain country should follow the rules contained in the UNCLOS .


Show off Ballistic Missile Arabia DF-3A

In a military exercise ' Sword Abdullah ' in Ḩafar Al Batin , Saudi Arabia exhibiting ballistic missile DF - 3A that has been highly classified.

The military parade held after the military exercises , the live broadcast Alarabiya , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) , shows two Chinese -made missiles that have a range of 3,300 miles it was .
( Read: burung masteran murai )

To date , this missile is used only to Saudi Arabia in addition to China .

The missiles were produced in 1971 was very instrumental in the share of China 's space program for civilian purposes .

Since 2010, this missile has been gradually replaced with the latest DF - 21 missiles .

It is not known whether Saudi Arabia will rejuvenate these missiles in its military , the Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force .

However, reported some time ago , the United States has agreed to buy the Saudi step DF - 21 missiles from China to replace the DF - 3A . Despite its smaller size , the DF - 21 has a variant as an anti - ship ballistic missiles or anti - ship ballistic missile .

Matra ballistic missile silos Arabia has a rocket launch site in Al - Watah , Al Sulayyil and Al Jufayr .

In addition to China , Arabia has also been reported to be buying missiles from Pakistan in addition to other military products .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Without Masks, Jokowi Log In to Senen Market Burned

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo re- review the location of the fire , Block III Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) afternoon . Jokowi asked reporters not to follow him into a burning market .

Observation , Jokowi wearing a long-sleeved white shirt came around 16:30 pm . Login via Jalan Pasar Senen , Jokowi directly into the second floor of the market .
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" I want to ride , do not be there participating , later collapsed , " said Jokowi .

From downstairs , looks Jokowi seen walking up to the third floor of the building . Occasionally, Jokowi communicate with firefighters .

The atmosphere in the second and third floors of the building was riddled with thick black smoke . Some city firefighter looks wearing masks . However , Jokowi seems not wearing anything to cover the nose .

Jokowi arrival was greeted enthusiastically merchant . " Life Pak Jokowi . Soon make shelters sir , " cried the merchant who was evacuated from the goods in their stores .

As of 16:45 pm , Jokowi still blusukan in that market . He met with representatives of traders .


Friday, April 25, 2014

4K -resolution 10.1 -inch screen , but Not Drain Battery , No Why ?

4K -resolution 10.1 -inch screen , but Not Drain Battery , No Why ?
Japan Display Inc. . a display panel manufacturer has successfully developed a high -density screen tablet but will saving power .

Quoted PULSAonline via J - Display , 10.1-inch LCD screen that has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and dubbed the '4 K2K ' .

With a resolution of it , the 10.1-inch screen has a pixel density of 438ppi which had defeated achieve density Retina display on the iPad Air .
( Read: cara membuat blog menarik )

Interestingly , despite increased screen density , but the 10.1-inch screen is claimed to Japan Display does not cause any difference in battery consumption compared to the other display .

Developed using LTPS technology ( Low Temperature Poly - Silicon ) , this screen will keep the energy dissipation of heat at the lowest level .

While the contrast ratio of 1100:1 with a viewing angle of over 160 degrees , a 10.1 -inch display is made ​​by Japan seemed ideal for use on future tablets .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Google Will Sell Telkomsel Glass, price?

The telecom operator Telkomsel plans to sell Google Glass in Indonesia . The company is studying opportunities to market Google made the smart glasses .

Vice President of Technology & System Telkomsel Ivan C. Permana said it was still communicating with Google for the same job opportunities . However , Ivan was not sure when the product will be commercialized in Indonesia .

Telkomsel plans to bring Google Glass by SingTel , one of the shareholders of Telkomsel . If it's possible , then it will sell Google Glass Telkomsel at Rp 15 million to Rp 20 million , and bundled with Telkomsel .

" We're still learning and seeing the public interest . From there it will look how many units are needed , " he said on the sidelines of the Digi Telkomsel Expo 2014 in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) . Ivan went on , Telkomsel also noticed about the permission of regulators because these products are often associated with privacy issues .

In the event Digi Telkomsel Expo 2014 , Google Glass became one of the products showcased Telkomsel .

Google Glass in the category of smart device that can be used in the human body or wearable devices.

Products introduced in the application developer conference Google I / O in June 2012 was previously only sold to people selected.

To the public , Google has launched the sale of Glass on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) . In a bid is valid for one day , Google membanderol Glass for 1500 U.S. dollars ( approximately USD 17 million ) , plus a bonus pair of glass lenses or a frame .

At the debut , Google Glass sold out , bought by those who are curious about the capabilities of these smart sunglasses .
( Read: ciri ciri burung pleci jantan )

KompasTekno already had tested the Google Glass . Click this link to find out the device tested KompasTekno experience .


Reduce Imports , Kimia Farma save U.S. $ 2.5 Million

The management of PT Kimia Farma Tbk targets to save foreign exchange after building a pharmaceutical factory in Watudakon salt , Jombang , East Java . Because the salt mill now owned pharmaceutical , companies no longer need to import large quantities of raw materials and processed .

" For our needs right pharmaceutical salt 3 thousand tons , so efisensinya value of approximately U.S. $ 2.5 million ( if the need can be met from within the country ) , " said Director Rusdi Rosman at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises , on Tuesday , 22 April 2014 .
( Read: suara burung )

Currently 95 percent of the drugs the pharmaceutical industry is still dependent on imported raw materials . One of the raw materials are imported pharmaceutical salt .

This material is typically used as a medicinal ingredient such as intravenous , tablet production , solvent vaccine , syrup , and ORS . With the existence of this plant , Rusdi optimistic to stop the import of pharmaceutical salts , which accounted for 6 thousand tons of food per year and 320 thousand tons of salt per year .

The entire value of the investment project, which consumes Rp 28 billion came from the company's cash Kimia Farma . " We had cash on hand of about Rp 98 billion , so no need to owe , " said Rusdi .

The plant is expected to start production by the end of the year . When the original production capacity of this new plant 3 thousand tons per year , then the amount will increase to 6 thousand tons per year after no additional investment in the plant . " We are targeting export , but after the domestic market are met , " he said .

With the added hardness of the factory production , also believes Rusdi selling price could be cheaper . " If pharmaceutical imports sold at Rp 9 thousand per kilogram , then the local products to be sold Rp 6 thousand per kilogram , " he said .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

President Director of PT Jakpro: Provision of Heavy Equipment in Pluit Reservoir Authority of the municipal government of North Jakarta

President Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo ( PT Jakpro ) , Budi Karya Sumadi said that the authority for the provision of heavy equipment or related equipment for normalization efforts Pluit Reservoir is a reservoir in the realm of Municipal Government (city ) North Jakarta .

" So based coordination meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday between us ( PT Jakpro ) by North Jakarta government decided the separation of work . To the garden ( Pluit Reservoir State Park ) to our authority , while the reservoir is the authority and government of North Jakarta Public Works Agency, "said Budi to , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

At these meetings , the directors present Propertindo with PT Jakarta North Jakarta government ranks and Sub-Department of Public Works ( PU ) .

Previously , the location of the observation in Pluit Reservoir , North Jakarta , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) , there is no heavy equipment or excavators are deployed to accelerate efforts to normalize the reservoir . There are only a few raft about 2 pieces .

In the raft , there were three uniformed janitor orange from Jakarta Cleanliness Department who were combing the area of ​​the reservoir and clean up of all litter , moss and other vines .

In addition , Budi added that if given the authority by the city government of North Jakarta to the handling of the reservoir , then the PT Jakpro will carry out professionally .
( Read: suara burung anis merah )

"Because it was the division of labor , so our portion to be part pertamanannya . If there are instructions from the local government of North Jakarta to working waduknya , we do it professionally soon . Due to the concerns of our responsibility , " he said .


Fund of Rp 60 Trillion Haji Parked

Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj account continues to swell. Pilgrims queue length to force the government to save money in a variety of places. Until now, the funds collected are recorded at least Rp 60 trillion.

Head of Information Ministry of Religious Affairs, Zubaidi, explaining the entire fund is an accumulation of the pilgrim initial deposit amount is set at Rp 25 million. "The funds that we hold in the form of sukuk and current accounts," he said when contacted, 18 April 2014.

According Zubaidi, the placement of funds in the form of sukuk done for security reasons. Therefore, if stored in conventional banks, funds guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Rp 2 billion. "While so many haj funds," he said.
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Nevertheless, he said, the ministry also allocate some of the funds in the form of current accounts. "The fund is operational funds can be used at any time. Because the condition that the liquid, it must be deposited in a bank account "he said.

The amount of funds had come under scrutiny Hajj Corruption Eradication Commission. Magnitude audit Transaction Reports and Analysis Center Financial, the potential for abuse seen from a number of budget items, including the management of the endowment each year people continue to bloom.

However, this assumption is contradicted Zubaidi. According to him, the value of the benefits on funds parked wholly used for the purposes of organizing the pilgrimage. The proof, he said, the operational cost Hajj this year was reduced by an average of U.S. $ 308 or about USD 3.5 million.

"The decline in the yield of the money is stored. So, if there are pilgrims who set out 30 years from now, the decline may be larger, or even they will benefit, "he said.

Every year, pilgrims queue number is always higher than the quota of pilgrims. In 2009, for example, the number of Haj quota as much as 207 thousand pilgrims, while the pilgrims lining up as many as 820 thousand. In 2014, pilgrims quota by 168 thousand to 2.6 million pilgrims queue.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Shame bowed , skipper of the South Ferry Apologizes

The victim's family Sewol ferry boat from South Korea that sank on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , becoming irritated and angry with the captain , Lee Joon - seok and 28 crew . Because, at the time the ship upside down , Joon - seok and the crew thought to be among the first to abandon ship .

Reporting from the news station Channel News Asia , Friday, April 18, 2014 , is now being investigated Joon - seok was related to reports . However , the 69-year -old skipper and the crew feel embarrassed , because they are not able to rescue the passengers .

The captain of the ship survived after the first save themselves by following the first group to use the boat with other passengers . Fateful captain looked down and covered his face with his jacket headgear in South Korean coast guard office .

" I actually apologized to the passengers , victims and families . I feel embarrassed , " he said on Thursday .

Meanwhile , the number of passengers has now reached 25 people dead . The combined SAR team continues to search for the other 271 passengers were still missing .

Relatives of passengers so upset because a lot of people who reported even asked to remain seated for 40 minutes , when the ferry having problems . The death toll according to them should be minimized if the passenger is informed as soon as possible to save themselves .

Company Chonghaejin Marine Co. , which operates ferry boats Sewol said , Lee is an experienced boat captain . He has been responsible for driving the ferry routes Incheon - Jeju during the last eight years .

According to some experts , causes the reverse ferry allegedly due to hit rocks or rotates sharply , resulting in cargo position moves to the other side . The ship then be tilted and sank . When sailing , the ship also carried 150 Sewol car .

In addition , South Korean prosecutors , Park Jae - Eok , is investigating the possibility that the ship was not driven by Joon - seok , but the third officer .

" The ship was piloted by three officers when the accident occurred . Captain was off duty at the time , " said Jae - Eok .
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According to her , Joon - seok was in the back of the ship , when the accident occurred . Jae - Eok added that all possible causes of the sinking of the ferry , is under investigation .

" Whether or not they did a sharp about-face , now being investigated , " he added .

Meanwhile, the Chief Prosecutor , Lee Seong - Yoon , said there is no limit to the investigation process . He also promised to reveal the precise cause of the sinking ship .

" We will make sure , whoever they were in charge , it will be dealt with firmly , " said Seong - Yoon .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Akil Mochtar Fear Bugged when Talk to Henry

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court , Akil Mochtar , expressed fear of his conversation with the businessman Tubagus Chaeri aka Henry Ward tapped .

" It is true that Mr. Akil asked me whether my phone into sterile , then I say this is the phone that I used to wear everyday , " said Henry in a trial in a court of Corruption (Corruption ) on Thursday .

Henry declared it as a witness for the defendant lawyer indicted Susi Andayani tour mediates giving money USD 1 billion related to the administration of disputed election Akil Lebak .

In a recorded conversation dated 29 September 2013 that was played in court , it was revealed that Akil also requested that Henry spoke in a way that is more secure because of worry tapped .

"If we intercepted this guy could be heard , save ngomongnya yes more difficult when it's tapped , " Akil said in the recording .

" Yeah see you at 5 in the usual place , yes sir , " replied Henry in the record .
Henry is a regular place is the home office is in a complex Akil Widya Chandra because Henry had already met with Akil there on 25 September 2013 .
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" Because before Mr. Akil ever invited me to Widya Chandra , " said Henry .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The bank Troubled Debt Restructuring Rp 135 Billion

The management of PT Bank Mutiara Tbk states successfully restructured a number of non-performing loans of Bank Century old heritage management , with a total of Rp 135.8 billion .

Rohan Hafas , Corporate Secretary of Bank Mutiara explains , the success of the process of restructuring a bank's non-performing loans acquired through various efforts , such as partial repayments of debt , asset sales of foreclosed ( repossessed assets ) , as well as the debtor's billing delete books .

The value of debt payments the debtor made ​​the company reached Rp 131.5 billion or 12.9 percent of total non-performing loans of Rp 1,015 trillion, which weighed on the company until the end of last year .

Some debtors relics of the former Century Bank Selalang including PT Prima International , PT Polymer Spectrum Sentosa , PT Trio rhythm , PT Akasia Prima and PT Cahaya Adiputra Sentosa , with a total payment of Rp 110.7 billion . The remaining Rp 20.8 billion came from retail borrowers .

" Other receipts derived from the sale of repossessed assets of Rp 2.2 billion and proceeds from the debtor remove a book collection of Rp 2.1 billion . Total revenue from non-performing loans until the completion of the first quarter of 2014 amounted to Rp 135.8 billion , " said Rohan Hafas in official statement on Tuesday night ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Of the restructuring, the company managed to earn profits in the first quarter 2014 amounted to Rp 12.1 billion .

" Nevertheless , there are a number of other debtors of Bank Century relic that has not been acting in good faith to pay its obligations . A number of these companies include Tranka Cables , Chess Manungal work , Ideological Center , Millienium Anugerah Sakti , and Enerindo Resources .

PT Tranka Cable is currently facing bankruptcy proceedings in which the bank's creditors have become " separatists " ( lender who holds the rights to the material guarantees for receivables ) that are expected to be eligible after the legal process is completed with optimal loan repayment rate .

" The successful completion of the debt restructuring in a number of troubled borrowers this is a testament to the commitment and seriousness in improving the management and performance of the bank's health , to support the divestment program is being conducted shareholders namely the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) , " continued Rohan Hafas .
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With the payment of this obligation , the healthier the bank's condition . Reflected in the ratio of non-performing loans or non- performing loan ( NPL ) in the first quarter of 2014 by 3.6 percent . Similarly, the capital adequacy ratio ( CAR) of 14.06 per cent , in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian banking industry regulators .


Seven Not Pass Toll Road Service Standards, Jasa Marga's Words

Toll Road Regulatory Agency ( BPJT ) issued evaluations Minimum Service Standards ( MSS ) the second half of 2013 . In the SPM test results there are seven who do not pass the toll roads . All toll roads are owned by PT Jasa Marga Tbk .

Operations Director of Jasa Marga , Hasanuddin , the headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 revealed that the assessment results are presented BPJT very tight indeed . Jasa Marga , also received the results .

" We are going to use as a reference in improving SPM improvement , " said Hasanuddin .

He explained , in the first visit made ​​in the period February to March 2014 , there are five toll roads owned Jasa Marga has met 100 percent of SPM .
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The toll road is a toll road Jakarta - Tangerang , Surabaya - Gempol , Palikanci , Semarang , Belawan and Tanjung toll - Morawa .

In addition , he explained , there are two toll roads that meet the SPM , but with a note that Jagorawi , because your post / reflector missing . Other toll roads that meet the MSS with notes is Jakarta - Cikampek toll .
In the toll road , Hasanuddin added , although the road is not perforated , there is some expansion joints that need to be repaired .

Two of these toll roads , according to Hasan - greeting Hasanuddin - , was repaired and by Jasa Marga has met the SPM . The results also have been reported to BPJT .

As for the sections on the first visit is not able to meet the SPM Sedyatmo toll , In the city , Padaleunyi , Cipularang , JORR , and Suramadu toll . He said the toll road repaired immediately after the assessment .

He added that the toll roads which failed to pass because of the lights die PJU has also been improved . However , every day there are only 2-3 lights are dead because the battery cables or missing bulbs .

" Therefore , we are currently working full to secure the cable and the battery is missing , " he said .

Especially for street lighting Suramadu , he added , it will immediately consult with the Public Hall and the surrounding areas of East Java in order to meet the MSS .

Meanwhile , for the hole on the highway Padaleunyi , Hasan confirmed that there were some holes in the road toll , but not much . This is caused by continuous rain .

" There is now improved and we will promptly report to BPJT , " he said .

Furthermore , he said , to issue toll Cipularang , at the time of the visit BPJT , the repair process is not yet finished . At that time , the improvement after the rainy season the new 90 percent processing .

He said the repairs would be completed in August 2014 . Regarding the existing holes , the company has done fillings and is currently still ongoing .

" With the weather conditions have started to improve now, hopefully the improvements will take place as well without any problems , " he said . ( art )


Monday, April 14, 2014

After the legislative elections, Rupiah Back Hunted

JAKARTA - The rate of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) may rise again , though thin . Incidentally , Rupiah strengthened along with the price movements of gold contracts were also higher with sentiment back simmering political issue in Ukraine .

" Market participants take advantage of the low rate of rupiah in recent days pascaterkontaminasi with political sentiment , to be hunted again , though still quite low in volume , " said the Head of Research at Trust Securities , Reza Priyambada in his research , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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According to Reza , a statement from the Special Staff of the President of the Economy and Development , Firmanzah that JCI and the Dollar gained as strengthening Indonesia's economic fundamentals also provide positive sentiment .

" Due to demonstrate the Government's efforts in maintaining the momentum of economic recovery in the country , " he added .

So that the rate is expected to move at the level Rupiah Rp11.430 - Rp11.464 per USD according to exchange rate of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) . " Dollar rate below the resistance level Rp11.486 per USD , " he said .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

JK so favorite for running mate Prabowo

Freedom Foundation held a related survey running mate Prabowo will assist in the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014. In the survey , the name became vice president Jusuf Kalla most preferred by respondents to side with Prabowo .

Based on the release received , Sunday ( 13/4 ) , the results of a survey conducted Freedom Foundation , Prabowo paired with Jusuf Kalla was chosen by 33.2 percent of respondents , whereas when paired with Akbar as much as 31.8 percent of respondents selected .

Then , if Prabowo paired with the Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hatta Radjasa chosen by 19 percent of respondents and Prabowo paired with Pramod Edhie Wibowo been as much as 10.1 percent of respondents .

Freedom Foundation survey conducted targeting 1,090 respondents across Indonesia on 31 March to 7 April 2014 . Survey has a confidence level of 95 percent .

Previously , the name is also considered the most suitable JK assisting Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) . According to the Director of Freedom Foundation Sinayangsah Darmawan , the results of a survey conducted Freedom Foundation , Jokowi paired with Jusuf Kalla was chosen by 40.6 percent of respondents , whereas when paired with Akbar Jokowi been as much as 34.1 percent of respondents .

Then , if Jokowi paired with the Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hatta Radjasa been as much as 24.0 percent of respondents as well as Jokowi paired with former Chief of Staff of the Army ( Chief of Staff ) as much as 11.5 percent of respondents selected .

" But the likelihood is very dependent on the choice of the Chairman of the PDI-P , Megawati Sukarnoputri , " said Darmawan Sinayangsah a press conference held at Hotel Atlet Senayan , Jakarta , Sunday ( 13/4 ) .
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According Darmawan , if you look at JK and Akbar have advantages and disadvantages of each . Figure JK considered to be very popular as a merchant and politician . While Akbar is a senior politician who has pursued a career in student organizations , youth organizations , political parties , and several ministerial posts in the government .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Marzuki Alie Have Disbanded Democratic Convention

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party , Marzuki Alie , suggesting convention searches presidential candidate (candidates ) should be disbanded , after this party will certainly not escaped the presidential threshold threshold .

" The Convention is not looking for a candidate , it is rather difficult so we continue the convention because we could not get the stretcher itself , " he said in a discussion titled What Next Key Message Indonesia in Cikini , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .
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It needs to be done , continued Marzuki , because this party dinaunginya calculation is based on a fast or quick count only managed to sit in fourth position .

" But , I think we return to the upper house , please offer convention attendees only to candidates who have a chance to win , " he said .
Marzuki said that this is a democracy , then when ready to democracy then it must be prepared also to lose . Moreover , in the context of power , yet powerful , it should be ready to go down or surrender power .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Samsung hit by the era of cheap smartphones

Although the smartphone is still considered one of the electronic items that are used by many people , the price of a mobile device is dropped in the first quarter of 2014.

With menukiknya prices in the global smartphone market , many vendors will have to re-think the sales strategy and everything to be able to make a profit while balancing their cost of production .

Quoted by the Times of India ( 08 / 04 ) , a decrease in global smartphone 's price impact on many companies , especially Samsung, which has a broad enough market share around the world .

According to analysts of Nomura Financial Investment Chung Chang -won , with smartphone prices decline globally , then Samsung would not want to have to also cut the price of its products .

From the analysis , Chang -won predicted that Samsung would experience a decline in selling prices of approximately U.S. $ 275 , a drop of 9 percent compared to the year 2013 and in the second quarter of 2014 .

In the first quarter of 2014 , smartphone sales with hi -end categories being sold at high prices experienced a sharp loss in North America , Europe , South Korea and Japan .

This is because many mobile users now prefer to buy a mobile device at a low price that also have adopted some of the features possessed by the products of hi -end .
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With the rise of smartphone sales in particular low - smartphone made ​​by Chinese vendors , whether the future world of giant corporations will follow to make a cheap device ?

Obviously , because of relatively inexpensive and has a low production cost , the features embedded device was not as sophisticated hi-end class


Monday, March 31, 2014

British Command investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood

erdana Minister of Britain , David Cameron , ordered an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood -related concerns that the group is planning a radical activities in the UK , Cameron 's office said on Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) .
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Cameron 's office at No. 10 Downing Street , London , confirming a report in the Times newspaper that he had asked intelligence agencies to collect information about " philosophy and the" Brotherhood and the potential threat to the UK .

The British government acted following a report that Brotherhood leaders have met in London last year to determine their response to the Egyptian crisis , which was triggered when one of their leading members , Mohammed Mursi , ditumbangkand of the country's president , the Times reported . Since then , the Brotherhood has been accused of orchestrating a campaign of violence Cairo .
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A spokesman for Cameron 's office said , "The Prime Minister has set up a government agency to inspect internal philosophy and activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and government policy ( UK ) to the organization . " Examination was led by the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia , John Jenkins .


Friday, March 14, 2014

NEW RESIDENTS Jaguar of Tierpark Berlin at the Safari Park

Ex - Situ Conservation Society Taman Safari Indonesia , Cisarua , Bogor , adding its animal collection , the two tails jaguar . Leopard -like animals that are imported from Tierpark Berlin Zoo , Germany .

Jaguar is a third type of big cat after the tiger and lion . (see also: obat burung)

In a press release issued by Public Relations Taman Safari Indonesia ( TSI ) , Monday ( 13/6 ) , mentioned , TSI get it from the second jaguar animal exchanges with Berlin Tierpark Zoo Javan leopard that gets kind of TSI .

Both TSI jaguar new collection is named Diablo ( male ) who was born on 17 September 2009 and Valdivia , his partner , who was born on 16 April 2009 .

" The presence of these two jaguar kadangan more complete showroom facilities that collect various types of cats brought in from five continents , " said Tony Sumampau , chairman of TSI , as quoted in the press release .

Both of these carnivorous animals have actually been arrived at Taman Safari Indonesia , Cisarua , Bogor , on Sunday ( 15/5 ) . On arrival at the Taman Safari Indonesia , Diablo and Valdivia animals underwent medical tests . Now both the jaguar can already be seen in a vehicle Baby Zoo visitors .

In a press release also mentioned that the jaguar can reach the age of 12 to 15 years . Body length 70 centimeters to 90 centimeters . While his weight from 45 pounds up to 113 pounds . Jaguars live in dense rainforest . The current conservation status of Near Threatened jaguar .

" The scientific name of this species is Panthera onca . As for the name it is called , jaguar , derived from the word yaguara , which means carnivore that kills its prey with one bite , "said Julius Suprihardo , from the public relations TSI .

Jaguar is the third largest type of cat after the tiger and lion . Habitat covers an area of ​​northern Mexico , through Central America down to Paraguay and northern Argentina and southern . His life is solitary .

Jaguar has a more powerful bite than any type of cat / felis . Twice the bite force of the jaguar stronger than a lion and was able to drag prey weighing 360 pounds .

Jaguar females are sexually mature at the age of two years , while the males at the age of 3-4 years . Jaguar has a gestation period of 93-105 days and usually give birth to four pups . At birth, the child can not be seen and only two weeks later, her eyes started to open . (see also: vitamin burung)

Jaguar marks its territorial area with urine or feces . These animals rarely attack humans .


Friday, March 7, 2014

The Water Guava Tasty and Helpful

One type of plant that is easily found on the home page of Indonesian society that guava plants. This plant is one type of nut that contain abundant water. No water guava tree are small and some are large. The fruit also has a different color, there are colored green, white, pink, crimson red dab brown. The shape is oval and there are also some round, the fruit is usually eaten fresh or made salad.
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Jambu Water Habitat
This plant is very easy to be planted, a lot of people who grow it on their home page. This is because the water rose does not require much care for the plant. This plant is also very suitable to land in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate. These plants are often planted in the yard due to make a home more beautiful and even fruit can also be eaten fresh and sweet taste that can make people addicted.

Types of Jambu Air
There are several types of guava, among which Thongsamsi water guava, guava water pearl studs, Toon klow guava, guava rose water, rose apple Giant, Red Rose Apple guava, guava Hicancou, Bunton red guava, guava green Bunton , Tangkweh guava, guava nectar long, guava irung Petruk, Bangkok guava, guava shocked, Black Diamond guava, guava image, guava pink rose apple, guava King rose apple and guava Jamaica. The types of nuts are commonly found in Indonesia, but of the many types of nuts, the most desirable type of guava water is Bangkok.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Myrtales
Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Syzygium
Species: S. aqueum
Binomial name
Syzygium aqueum
(Burm.f.) Alston, 1929
Eugenia javanica Lamk., 1789 (part)
Eugenia mindanaensis C.B. Robinson, 1909

3 Water For Health Benefits of Guava

Guava fruit not only as a food that can only be enjoyed, but this fruit also has health benefits for both can even cure some diseases, such as:

Preventing dehydration
This fruit contains a lot of water can help prevent dehydration, and the fruit is good for kidney and digestive health because it contains a lot of fiber.

Increase fertility
The fruit is also believed to increase fertility for men because it contains vitamin C which is known to maintain healthy sperm cells. (see also: distributor pakan burung)

Prevent diarrhea
Besides guava leaves, guava extract is also able to prevent diarrhea.
Similarly, an article about guava often found around your neighborhood, may be useful for those of you who read it.


Monday, February 24, 2014

WhatsApp Promises Free Phones Save Bandwidth

CEO WhatsApp , Jan. Koum at Mobile World Congress in his presentation on Monday ( 02/24/2014 ) says that the instant messaging service will deliver voice services . The step was taken to compete with messaginglain services .
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 Currently , other messaging services such as BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) , Line , and Skype has provided a voice in their instant messaging applications . Therefore , WhatsApp feel the need to provide similar services to attract users .

According Koum , as quoted from Cnet ( 02/24/2014 ) , free phone features in WhatsApp is planned to be rolled in the second quarter of 2014.

" We want that people can remain connected with their friends and favorite people at a low cost , " said Koum . "Therefore, we will bring in the voice messaging service WhatsApp , two quarters of this year , " he added .

So what differentiated voice services to be offered WhatsApp ? Koum replied that WhatsApp will offer a bandwidth as small as possible to deliver the voice data . " Our focus is on simplicity , " said Koum .

The Voice WhatsApp service will first be introduced in the Android and iPhone platforms . After that , the new will be brought to the platform Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones .

By launching voice services , it is considered WhatsApp will increasingly threaten the existence of the mobile operator . Technology research firm , Ovum , detailing predicted that global operators lose 23 billion dollars in the SMS business in late 2012 , as users now prefer instant messaging services .

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 After SMS , voice communication now will also be threatened , the article in the voice messaging applications will replace the phone . Voice data can now be streamed over the internet , no longer through the operator's frequency band .