Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This How To Resolve Disputes Japan South China Sea

Conflict South China Sea territorial dispute unabated between Japan , China , and the Philippines . In order to " pacify" the region , Japan also took the United States ( U.S. ) to resolve the maritime .

" The U.S. and Japan fully supports the use of diplomatic and legal means , including international arbitration , to resolve perselilihan maritime issues in the South China Sea , " said Deputy Director General of the Japanese Foreign Ministry 's Foreign Policy , Takio Yamada , in Jakarta , Tuesday, April 29, 2014 night .

Recognized Yamada , along with the U.S. , Japan share a " concern " strong action against some who have raised tensions in the East China Sea and South China Sea , such a declaration has been coordinated from the air defense identification through intimidation , coercion , and force .

" Both countries oppose any action that asserts territorial or claiming territory against the increasing tension , " he added . ( Read: cara membuat email baru )

Japan and the Philippines are the countries which are the largest U.S. allies in the Asia -Pacific . Together with China , both countries involved issues of mutual territorial claims .

Japan fight over the Senkaku Islands with China and disturbed by the application of China's air defense zone in the East China Sea . Meanwhile, the Philippines , competing with China-related claims South China Sea region .

United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS ) states of the country can only claim the islands and reefs . But the state can not claim an ocean as his own . This should be understood by the Chinese .

Historical factors underlying China's claim to the South China Sea is not recognized in UNCLOS . China alone is known to have ratified UNCLOS . This makes the Bamboo Curtain country should follow the rules contained in the UNCLOS .


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