Thursday, April 17, 2014

Akil Mochtar Fear Bugged when Talk to Henry

Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court , Akil Mochtar , expressed fear of his conversation with the businessman Tubagus Chaeri aka Henry Ward tapped .

" It is true that Mr. Akil asked me whether my phone into sterile , then I say this is the phone that I used to wear everyday , " said Henry in a trial in a court of Corruption (Corruption ) on Thursday .

Henry declared it as a witness for the defendant lawyer indicted Susi Andayani tour mediates giving money USD 1 billion related to the administration of disputed election Akil Lebak .

In a recorded conversation dated 29 September 2013 that was played in court , it was revealed that Akil also requested that Henry spoke in a way that is more secure because of worry tapped .

"If we intercepted this guy could be heard , save ngomongnya yes more difficult when it's tapped , " Akil said in the recording .

" Yeah see you at 5 in the usual place , yes sir , " replied Henry in the record .
Henry is a regular place is the home office is in a complex Akil Widya Chandra because Henry had already met with Akil there on 25 September 2013 .
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" Because before Mr. Akil ever invited me to Widya Chandra , " said Henry .


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