Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Samsung hit by the era of cheap smartphones

Although the smartphone is still considered one of the electronic items that are used by many people , the price of a mobile device is dropped in the first quarter of 2014.

With menukiknya prices in the global smartphone market , many vendors will have to re-think the sales strategy and everything to be able to make a profit while balancing their cost of production .

Quoted by the Times of India ( 08 / 04 ) , a decrease in global smartphone 's price impact on many companies , especially Samsung, which has a broad enough market share around the world .

According to analysts of Nomura Financial Investment Chung Chang -won , with smartphone prices decline globally , then Samsung would not want to have to also cut the price of its products .

From the analysis , Chang -won predicted that Samsung would experience a decline in selling prices of approximately U.S. $ 275 , a drop of 9 percent compared to the year 2013 and in the second quarter of 2014 .

In the first quarter of 2014 , smartphone sales with hi -end categories being sold at high prices experienced a sharp loss in North America , Europe , South Korea and Japan .

This is because many mobile users now prefer to buy a mobile device at a low price that also have adopted some of the features possessed by the products of hi -end .
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With the rise of smartphone sales in particular low - smartphone made ​​by Chinese vendors , whether the future world of giant corporations will follow to make a cheap device ?

Obviously , because of relatively inexpensive and has a low production cost , the features embedded device was not as sophisticated hi-end class


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