Friday, April 18, 2014

Shame bowed , skipper of the South Ferry Apologizes

The victim's family Sewol ferry boat from South Korea that sank on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , becoming irritated and angry with the captain , Lee Joon - seok and 28 crew . Because, at the time the ship upside down , Joon - seok and the crew thought to be among the first to abandon ship .

Reporting from the news station Channel News Asia , Friday, April 18, 2014 , is now being investigated Joon - seok was related to reports . However , the 69-year -old skipper and the crew feel embarrassed , because they are not able to rescue the passengers .

The captain of the ship survived after the first save themselves by following the first group to use the boat with other passengers . Fateful captain looked down and covered his face with his jacket headgear in South Korean coast guard office .

" I actually apologized to the passengers , victims and families . I feel embarrassed , " he said on Thursday .

Meanwhile , the number of passengers has now reached 25 people dead . The combined SAR team continues to search for the other 271 passengers were still missing .

Relatives of passengers so upset because a lot of people who reported even asked to remain seated for 40 minutes , when the ferry having problems . The death toll according to them should be minimized if the passenger is informed as soon as possible to save themselves .

Company Chonghaejin Marine Co. , which operates ferry boats Sewol said , Lee is an experienced boat captain . He has been responsible for driving the ferry routes Incheon - Jeju during the last eight years .

According to some experts , causes the reverse ferry allegedly due to hit rocks or rotates sharply , resulting in cargo position moves to the other side . The ship then be tilted and sank . When sailing , the ship also carried 150 Sewol car .

In addition , South Korean prosecutors , Park Jae - Eok , is investigating the possibility that the ship was not driven by Joon - seok , but the third officer .

" The ship was piloted by three officers when the accident occurred . Captain was off duty at the time , " said Jae - Eok .
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According to her , Joon - seok was in the back of the ship , when the accident occurred . Jae - Eok added that all possible causes of the sinking of the ferry , is under investigation .

" Whether or not they did a sharp about-face , now being investigated , " he added .

Meanwhile, the Chief Prosecutor , Lee Seong - Yoon , said there is no limit to the investigation process . He also promised to reveal the precise cause of the sinking ship .

" We will make sure , whoever they were in charge , it will be dealt with firmly , " said Seong - Yoon .


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