Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fund of Rp 60 Trillion Haji Parked

Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj account continues to swell. Pilgrims queue length to force the government to save money in a variety of places. Until now, the funds collected are recorded at least Rp 60 trillion.

Head of Information Ministry of Religious Affairs, Zubaidi, explaining the entire fund is an accumulation of the pilgrim initial deposit amount is set at Rp 25 million. "The funds that we hold in the form of sukuk and current accounts," he said when contacted, 18 April 2014.

According Zubaidi, the placement of funds in the form of sukuk done for security reasons. Therefore, if stored in conventional banks, funds guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Rp 2 billion. "While so many haj funds," he said.
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Nevertheless, he said, the ministry also allocate some of the funds in the form of current accounts. "The fund is operational funds can be used at any time. Because the condition that the liquid, it must be deposited in a bank account "he said.

The amount of funds had come under scrutiny Hajj Corruption Eradication Commission. Magnitude audit Transaction Reports and Analysis Center Financial, the potential for abuse seen from a number of budget items, including the management of the endowment each year people continue to bloom.

However, this assumption is contradicted Zubaidi. According to him, the value of the benefits on funds parked wholly used for the purposes of organizing the pilgrimage. The proof, he said, the operational cost Hajj this year was reduced by an average of U.S. $ 308 or about USD 3.5 million.

"The decline in the yield of the money is stored. So, if there are pilgrims who set out 30 years from now, the decline may be larger, or even they will benefit, "he said.

Every year, pilgrims queue number is always higher than the quota of pilgrims. In 2009, for example, the number of Haj quota as much as 207 thousand pilgrims, while the pilgrims lining up as many as 820 thousand. In 2014, pilgrims quota by 168 thousand to 2.6 million pilgrims queue.


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