Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Show off Ballistic Missile Arabia DF-3A

In a military exercise ' Sword Abdullah ' in Ḩafar Al Batin , Saudi Arabia exhibiting ballistic missile DF - 3A that has been highly classified.

The military parade held after the military exercises , the live broadcast Alarabiya , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) , shows two Chinese -made missiles that have a range of 3,300 miles it was .
( Read: burung masteran murai )

To date , this missile is used only to Saudi Arabia in addition to China .

The missiles were produced in 1971 was very instrumental in the share of China 's space program for civilian purposes .

Since 2010, this missile has been gradually replaced with the latest DF - 21 missiles .

It is not known whether Saudi Arabia will rejuvenate these missiles in its military , the Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force .

However, reported some time ago , the United States has agreed to buy the Saudi step DF - 21 missiles from China to replace the DF - 3A . Despite its smaller size , the DF - 21 has a variant as an anti - ship ballistic missiles or anti - ship ballistic missile .

Matra ballistic missile silos Arabia has a rocket launch site in Al - Watah , Al Sulayyil and Al Jufayr .

In addition to China , Arabia has also been reported to be buying missiles from Pakistan in addition to other military products .


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