Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seven Not Pass Toll Road Service Standards, Jasa Marga's Words

Toll Road Regulatory Agency ( BPJT ) issued evaluations Minimum Service Standards ( MSS ) the second half of 2013 . In the SPM test results there are seven who do not pass the toll roads . All toll roads are owned by PT Jasa Marga Tbk .

Operations Director of Jasa Marga , Hasanuddin , the headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 revealed that the assessment results are presented BPJT very tight indeed . Jasa Marga , also received the results .

" We are going to use as a reference in improving SPM improvement , " said Hasanuddin .

He explained , in the first visit made ​​in the period February to March 2014 , there are five toll roads owned Jasa Marga has met 100 percent of SPM .
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The toll road is a toll road Jakarta - Tangerang , Surabaya - Gempol , Palikanci , Semarang , Belawan and Tanjung toll - Morawa .

In addition , he explained , there are two toll roads that meet the SPM , but with a note that Jagorawi , because your post / reflector missing . Other toll roads that meet the MSS with notes is Jakarta - Cikampek toll .
In the toll road , Hasanuddin added , although the road is not perforated , there is some expansion joints that need to be repaired .

Two of these toll roads , according to Hasan - greeting Hasanuddin - , was repaired and by Jasa Marga has met the SPM . The results also have been reported to BPJT .

As for the sections on the first visit is not able to meet the SPM Sedyatmo toll , In the city , Padaleunyi , Cipularang , JORR , and Suramadu toll . He said the toll road repaired immediately after the assessment .

He added that the toll roads which failed to pass because of the lights die PJU has also been improved . However , every day there are only 2-3 lights are dead because the battery cables or missing bulbs .

" Therefore , we are currently working full to secure the cable and the battery is missing , " he said .

Especially for street lighting Suramadu , he added , it will immediately consult with the Public Hall and the surrounding areas of East Java in order to meet the MSS .

Meanwhile , for the hole on the highway Padaleunyi , Hasan confirmed that there were some holes in the road toll , but not much . This is caused by continuous rain .

" There is now improved and we will promptly report to BPJT , " he said .

Furthermore , he said , to issue toll Cipularang , at the time of the visit BPJT , the repair process is not yet finished . At that time , the improvement after the rainy season the new 90 percent processing .

He said the repairs would be completed in August 2014 . Regarding the existing holes , the company has done fillings and is currently still ongoing .

" With the weather conditions have started to improve now, hopefully the improvements will take place as well without any problems , " he said . ( art )


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