Friday, May 2, 2014

Revealed , Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids Development

Viewing the building enormous pyramids of Egypt invited wondering how the ancient Egyptians build the building . Occurred it took a very long and complicated technology .

Researcher University of Amsterdam , The Netherlands , uncover the riddle . Apparently, the ancient Egyptians rely on simple key , wet sand , in order to transport the blocks of stone sculptures and large to pass through the vast desert .

As reported by the Daily Mail , Friday, May 2, 2014 , we expect strong to transport the statue and the stone blocks , utilizing the Egyptian society sled with sand in front of the train that soaking wet. This method is seen to facilitate transport of the load .
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To test this theory , researchers in the laboratory to demonstrate the scheme . Experiments show moisture transporting sand determines success . For proper humidity can share the power draw required .

To put the water in the sand , researchers consider the pull strength and stiffness of sand .

Now , researchers are using the rheometer to determine the stiffness of the sand . This measurement to indicate how much power is needed to tame the volume of sand .

The experimental results show that the pull force required decreases proportional to the stiffness of sand .

" The presence of the proper amount of water , wet desert is about twice as strong as dry sand , " said the research team .

The scheme facilitates the use of water in the sand toboggan run , considering there is no pile of sand that inhibits as in the case of dry sand .

This theory is strengthened by researchers paintings on tomb walls Djehutihotep , which describes the transport of tricks sculpture and large stone blocks . Painting exactly such an experiment conducted by researchers .

" Painting a wall in the tomb Djehutihotep clearly shows someone standing in front of the sled is pulled and poured water on the sand that was in front of the train , " said the researcher . ( umi )


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