Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enrich Kaveri AMD Notebook Features

AMD has revealed the processor technology for mobile PCs or notebooks latest , Kaveri APU . Kaveri sophistication allows the emergence of innovations or new features on a mobile PC .

This feature , among others, as well as Motion Gesture Face Login . Utilizing the webcam on the notebook , the device will be able to read finger movements to perform tasks such as moving the mouse cursor , click , change the volume and mute .( Read: Pengecoran Aluminium )

While the Face Login feature is one of AMD's support for the security of mobile PCs . There is the level of security . If the security level is low, then the notebook can be opened by placing a photo of the smartphone user's face in front of the webcam .

At high security level , Face Login recognizes the user's face to be genuine in front of the webcam . Distance required for the Face Login approximately 1 meter , while Motion Gesture , according to Peter Amos , Public Relations Manager of AMD's Austin , this feature the user can read the finger to a distance of 10 feet or 4 meters .

Ravi Gananathan , Product Management - Mobile Graphics AMD said , Kaveri could combine AMD GPU and APU . Some technologies like AMD Eyefinity , True Audio , GCN , Mantle , Crossfire and others enhance the entertainment experience for PC users .

" A lot of the performance that can be given . So, it can be used by developers to provide quality graphics capable , " Ravi said in Taipei on Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ) .
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AMD also provides the latest variant grafia card for PC gamers . This graphics card ranging from R5 models M250 Series with GCN technology , 28nm and 64 - bit up to R9 M290 with GCN technology , 28nm and 256 - bit .

Some vendors are using AMD APU technology include Lenovo , Acer , Asus , Toshiba , MSI , Dell , Samsung , HP and Gigabyte .


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