Friday, March 14, 2014

NEW RESIDENTS Jaguar of Tierpark Berlin at the Safari Park

Ex - Situ Conservation Society Taman Safari Indonesia , Cisarua , Bogor , adding its animal collection , the two tails jaguar . Leopard -like animals that are imported from Tierpark Berlin Zoo , Germany .

Jaguar is a third type of big cat after the tiger and lion . (see also: obat burung)

In a press release issued by Public Relations Taman Safari Indonesia ( TSI ) , Monday ( 13/6 ) , mentioned , TSI get it from the second jaguar animal exchanges with Berlin Tierpark Zoo Javan leopard that gets kind of TSI .

Both TSI jaguar new collection is named Diablo ( male ) who was born on 17 September 2009 and Valdivia , his partner , who was born on 16 April 2009 .

" The presence of these two jaguar kadangan more complete showroom facilities that collect various types of cats brought in from five continents , " said Tony Sumampau , chairman of TSI , as quoted in the press release .

Both of these carnivorous animals have actually been arrived at Taman Safari Indonesia , Cisarua , Bogor , on Sunday ( 15/5 ) . On arrival at the Taman Safari Indonesia , Diablo and Valdivia animals underwent medical tests . Now both the jaguar can already be seen in a vehicle Baby Zoo visitors .

In a press release also mentioned that the jaguar can reach the age of 12 to 15 years . Body length 70 centimeters to 90 centimeters . While his weight from 45 pounds up to 113 pounds . Jaguars live in dense rainforest . The current conservation status of Near Threatened jaguar .

" The scientific name of this species is Panthera onca . As for the name it is called , jaguar , derived from the word yaguara , which means carnivore that kills its prey with one bite , "said Julius Suprihardo , from the public relations TSI .

Jaguar is the third largest type of cat after the tiger and lion . Habitat covers an area of ​​northern Mexico , through Central America down to Paraguay and northern Argentina and southern . His life is solitary .

Jaguar has a more powerful bite than any type of cat / felis . Twice the bite force of the jaguar stronger than a lion and was able to drag prey weighing 360 pounds .

Jaguar females are sexually mature at the age of two years , while the males at the age of 3-4 years . Jaguar has a gestation period of 93-105 days and usually give birth to four pups . At birth, the child can not be seen and only two weeks later, her eyes started to open . (see also: vitamin burung)

Jaguar marks its territorial area with urine or feces . These animals rarely attack humans .


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